Adele Gallogly


Christmas Approaches, Highway 401

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by Margaret Avison

Seed of snow
on cement, ditch-rut, rink-steel, salted where
grass straws thinly scrape against lowering
daydark in the rise of the earth-crust there
(and beyond, the scavenging birds
flitter and skim)

is particle
unto earth’s thirsting,
spring rain,
Roadwork, earthwork, pits in hillsides,
desolation, abandoned roadside shacks
and dwelt in,
unkilned pottery broken and strawed about,
minibrick people-palaces,
coming and going always
by day all lump and ache

is sown tonight with the beauty
of light and moving lights, light travelling, light
shining from beyond farthestness.


Author: Adele Gallogly

I'm a writer and editor living in the lovely city of Hamilton, Ontario. By day, I write for World Renew, a relief and development agency; during evenings and weekends, I let short stories, essays, and other pieces out to play. I like to write about the intersection of faith, art, culture, and justice.

One thought on “Christmas Approaches, Highway 401

  1. WOW, this is some kind of Wonderful!!!

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