Adele Gallogly


A Blessed Time


“I could have married again while I was still young. A congregation likes to have a married minister, and I was introduced to every niece and sister-in-law in a hundred miles. In retrospect, I’m very grateful for whatever reluctance it was that kept me alone until your mother came. Now that I look back, it seems to me that in all that deep darkness a miracle was preparing. So I am right to remember it as a blessed time, and myself as waiting in confidence, even if I had no idea what I was waiting for.”

— Gilead,  by Marilynne Robinson

Author: Adele Gallogly

I'm a writer and editor living in the lovely city of Hamilton, Ontario. By day, I write for World Renew, a relief and development agency; during evenings and weekends, I let short stories, essays, and other pieces out to play. I like to write about the intersection of faith, art, culture, and justice.

5 thoughts on “A Blessed Time

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Gilead”. I hope you enjoy it as well. If so, make sure you check out Robinson’s book “Home”. I’m not sure which I liked more. I think that the themes in “Home” had a greater impact on me.

  2. I’m enjoying re-reading Gilead, a few pages a day. A great solace for the soul, writing and otherwise.

  3. Yes! Such an excellent novel. Great quote, thanks for posting. Your blog is awesome, and I look forward to reading more. Thanks!

  4. I needed to read these words again tonight. Thank you.

  5. A great writer. A great book. Thanks for sharing these words of beauty and hope.

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