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A Missionary Childhood in Haiti

When Apricot Irving was six years old, her parents moved their family from the California desert to a missionary compound in Haiti. The Gospel of Trees is her honest, ruminative account of the years she spent in a place she describes as a “splendid, complicated, troubling, maddening, beautiful country.” Through diary entries – hers and those of… Continue reading A Missionary Childhood in Haiti

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A Teenager’s Journey on Death Row

Bryan Bliss’s sobering and daring new young adult novel, We'll Fly Away, begins and ends with the first-person musings of a teenage boy on death row. Luke is writing letters to his best friend, Toby—a practice encouraged by the compassionate nun overseeing his care. With each prison missive, the reader learns a little more about the… Continue reading A Teenager’s Journey on Death Row

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Embracing Blindness

Have Dog, Will Travel is the story of Stephen Kuusisto, who was born blind to parents who taught him to hide his disability. It is also the story of Corky, the smart and spirited guide dog that taught him a better way of being in the world. Throughout childhood and into his late thirties, Kuusisto… Continue reading Embracing Blindness

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Loving Mercy, Living in Prison

The Sun Does Shine is the gripping memoir by Anthony Ray Hinton, who was wrongfully convicted of killing two men and sentenced to death in 1985 in Alabama. The case against Hinton, a 29-year-old black man, was clearly shaped by racism and rooted in insufficient evidence. He spent nearly 30 years in prison, until he was… Continue reading Loving Mercy, Living in Prison

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Seeing through the Lens of Personality

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the plethora of personality types and their corresponding measurements? Author and well-known book blogger Anne Bogel (Modern Mrs. Darcy) may be just the wise and gracious guide you need. In Reading People, Bogel pulls from years of research and offers up her personal experiences with popular personality frameworks such as… Continue reading Seeing through the Lens of Personality

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Art and Secrets in the Dutch Golden Age

This historical novel by Dutch author Simone van der Vlugt follows Catrin, a driven and talented young widow who is desperate for a fresh start after the death of her abusive husband. The story begins in 1654, during the Dutch Golden Age; Catrin sets out from her small village in North Holland in search of… Continue reading Art and Secrets in the Dutch Golden Age

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The Gorgeous Curiosity of Mary Oliver

Eighty-one-year-old Mary Oliver is widely acclaimed for her wise, lyrical poetry that presents life as a spiritual pilgrimage. Her latest book, a collection of essays, celebrates nature and literature as sources of hope, and points to the power of quiet acts such as taking a slow walk in the woods or spending hours with a… Continue reading The Gorgeous Curiosity of Mary Oliver