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Through Ambition’s Tunnel

AMBITION: Essays by Members of The Chrysostom Society edited by Luci Shaw and Jeanne Murray Walker (Cascade Books, 2016). Review originally published in Christian Courier in July 2016. I happened to revisit Doris Lessing’s ambition-themed short story “Through the Tunnel” around the time I read Ambition, so it hovered over my experience of the book. Lessing’s story… Continue reading Through Ambition’s Tunnel


Ecclesiastes and the women of Mad Men

I share some thoughts on Ecclesiastes and the women of MadMen* over at ThinkChristian today. A snippet: I wish I could call upon [Eugene] Peterson to pitch his contemporary paraphrase of Ecclesiastes to the denizens in the disturbingly materialistic and misogynistic world of “Mad Men,”which has its season finale Sunday.  It seems especially fitting to… Continue reading Ecclesiastes and the women of Mad Men