Believing in Poetry in Haiti – Part II

As of January 12, it has been six years since the devastating Haiti earthquake. But there are signs of resilient hope in this country. Part II of my reflections on literacy, poetry, and my time in Haiti has been posted over at Relief Journal. Here's an excerpt. * Believing in Poetry in Haiti - Part… Continue reading Believing in Poetry in Haiti – Part II


Coming of Age in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go opens in the chaos of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that killed over 230,000 people and displaced 1.5 million more. Describing the disaster that claimed both her home and the life of her beloved aunt, 15-year-old protagonist Magdalie says: “The sound and shaking become one sensation—I can’t separate the two—and… Continue reading Coming of Age in Post-Earthquake Haiti


On literacy tutorhood

Happy Family Literacy Day, readers, teachers, students, and tutors! I am grateful that my parents and family members had the time, patience, and compassion to engage in literacy activities with me. Some months ago I wrote an essay for Intervarsity.org about my literacy tutor experience, and thought I would share it here, too: On Tutorhood… Continue reading On literacy tutorhood