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Through Ambition’s Tunnel

AMBITION: Essays by Members of The Chrysostom Society edited by Luci Shaw and Jeanne Murray Walker (Cascade Books, 2016). Review originally published in Christian Courier in July 2016. I happened to revisit Doris Lessing’s ambition-themed short story “Through the Tunnel” around the time I read Ambition, so it hovered over my experience of the book. Lessing’s story… Continue reading Through Ambition’s Tunnel


A Poem for the Impatience-Possessed

... from the ever-so-lovely Luci Shaw: -- Possess your soul in patience Own it. Hold your heart the way you'd hold a live bird--your two hands laced to latch it in, feeling its feathery trembling, its fledgling warmth, its faint anxieties of protest, its heart stutter against the palm of one hand, a fidget in… Continue reading A Poem for the Impatience-Possessed