Handel’s Messiah—From Ache to Amen

I started this reflection years ago, fresh from my first experience of Messiah in concert, but kept feeling the pull to revisit and revise my thoughts.  I have now shared them as a post over at Relief Journal.  So if you'd like to read the entire piece, feel free to head over there. * From Ache… Continue reading Handel’s Messiah—From Ache to Amen


Easter Joy and Holy Joking

Lenten worship calls us to carry, ponder and release heavy emotions. We sing sombre hymns of ashes, thorns, tears and blood. We wave palm branches in triumphant welcome. But soon after our hosannas comes the heaviest day of all – that Friday when we dwell on Christ’s pain and what it purchased … when we… Continue reading Easter Joy and Holy Joking


Kim Jong Il and Christmas in North Korea

I recall my glimpse of North Korea and reflect on the witness of persecuted Christians there over at Think Christian today. An excerpt: [T]here are those who celebrate Christmas behind the barbed wire, unaccompanied by pageantry or feast. I try to picture them, prisoners in their own country, reading about the Nativity aloud in a… Continue reading Kim Jong Il and Christmas in North Korea