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Trials of the Migrant Life

Things Are Good Now, the debut collection by Ethiopian-Canadian author Djamila Ibrahim, features nine well-crafted short stories that chronicle painful quests for belonging. Its main characters are displaced people – refugees, migrants, and immigrants – with heavy dreams. Many of them have literal nightmares prompted by memories of torture, imprisonment and other such traumatic experiences… Continue reading Trials of the Migrant Life


Savouring the Short Stories of Father Brother Keeper

Nathan Poole’s Father Brother Keeper is a collection of symbol-rich, superbly crafted short stories set in the harsh landscape of the southern United States—driven, significantly, by the imagery of place. His characters suffer, and their personal hardships—sickness, suicide, dementia, violence, poverty—affect their family relationships. Like the mounds, fields, and tributaries that surround them, Poole’s characters… Continue reading Savouring the Short Stories of Father Brother Keeper