A Novel about Where Love Comes From

Gina Ochsner’s second novel, The Hidden Letters of Velta B., is a captivating, tragicomic story about family and community relationships in a contemporary Latvian town. A dying mother, Inara, recalls her life and family history to her enormous-eared son, whose heightened sense of hearing allows him to hear both the living and the dead. The lyrical,… Continue reading A Novel about Where Love Comes From


A Book Worth its Salt

This week I took a break from a novel-on-the-go to revisit Bohumil Hrabal's marvelous tragicomic novella Too Loud a Solitude. It is a bizarre, haunting, and beautiful little read about Hanta, a trash compactor who spends his days destroying books banned by a totalitarian regime—and savouring them along the way. I also recently discovered a short stop… Continue reading A Book Worth its Salt